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“The Amalfi Coast is my passion, let me share my experience with you
for the ultimate Amalfi Coast holiday”

About Amanda
on the Amalfi Coast

You will never find this on Airbnb, Expedia or……..

Amanda’s detailed knowledge of Positano and it’s surrounding area, every nook and cranny….. will give you the best chance of getting your IDEAL accommodation on the Amalfi Coast!

With close to 2 decades experience living & working on this magical coastline combined with her passionate knowledge of the region, (check out her 1 st book My Amalfi Coast) Amanda can assist you with her unique knowledge of Positano and its surrounding area where she lived & loved for almost 20 years. She will find you the best accommodation to suit your needs, whether it be a luxury hotel, a quaint B & B, a simpatico apartment or a spacious villa……all with that spectacular Mediterranean view!



My Amalfi Coast is a loving memoir of the place Amanda called home for so many years, and a guide packed with insider’s tips on the coast’s history,where to eat, stay, shop and visit. Amanda takes us to the very heart of a region where the splendour of the scenery is more than matched by the warmth and charm of the people.

We tour the coastal towns that are strung across the cliffs like exotic baubles, with their Moorish cupolas, gelato-coloured houses and knee-shakingly steep hills. We bask on the beaches and drift across the azure waters of the Mediterranean. We explore the countryside, with its buffalo, vineyards, lemon groves and ancient ruins, and experience the rhythm of local life as determined by the tides, the long lunches, the arrival of the tourists for the summer and the endless round of festivals.


Sadly this Recipe book is no longer in publication, but I have been told that it is frequently spotted in thrift shops and second hand book store around town, so please have a look, it is well-worth the effort to hunt down a copy.

In my second book, Amalfi Coast Recipes, I offer a stunning collection of authentic local recipes from my beloved Amalfi Coast, generously shared by a wonderful variety of regional cooks and chefs, many of whom were or have become close friends of mine over the two decades I lived there.

My knowledge and deep love of this region and its personalities has enabled me to hand-pick some of the best recipes, having been made welcome at the tables and in the kitchens of passionate local cooks.